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Department of Archaeology



I have a combined background of History (BA, MA, Universidad Complutense, Madrid) and Archaeology (MA, PhD, Universidad Complutense, Madrid) with a focus on the material culture of colonialism. I am currently a Renfrew Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, by virtue of which I am also Junior Research Fellow of Churchill College. I was previously a research associate for the ERC project - PROCON (2016-2018), and before coming to Cambridge I was a Project Officer at the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission (2015). During my doctoral studies, I was invited as visiting graduate student at Brown University (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology), the Spanish School for History and Archaeology in Rome, and Glasgow University (Department of Archaeology).


  • Material Culture
  • Colonialism
  • Frontiers
  • Indigeneity

My work straddles and connects the fields of postcolonial theory, social anthropology, and material culture studies. Within these fields, my research focuses on the archaeology of colonialism and 'decoloniality,' especially regarding otherness discourses, power relations, hybridity, and indigenous communities. More specifically, my research addresses how colonial borderlands affected bodies and how bodies affected borderlands by looking at clothing and body adornment, food consumption, funerary rituals, and architecture. I am currently working on three different regions: Chile, Ethiopia, and the western Mediterranean.


Key publications: 

Journal articles (* = peer-reviewed):

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (forthcoming). Ceci n’est pas un subalterne. A Comment on Indigenous Erasure in Archaeological Theory. Archaeological Dialogues.

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2021). Subaltern debris: archaeology and marginalised communities. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 31(4): 565-580, Open Access: 10.1017/S0959774321000068

* Marín-Aguilera, B., E. Rodríguez-González, S. Celestino & M. Gleba (2019). Dressing the sacrifice: textiles and sacrificial economy at Casas del Turuñuelo, Spain, in the fifth century BC. Antiquity 93(370): 933-953. Open Access:

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2019). Weaving Rural Economies: Textile Production and Societal Complexity in Iron Age Southwestern Iberia. World Archaeology 51(2): 226-251. Open Access:

* Marín-Aguilera, B., F. Iacono & M. Gleba (2018). Colouring the Mediterranean: Production and Consumption of Purple-Dyed Textiles in Pre-Roman Times. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 31(2): 127-154.

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2018). The semantics of material culture: Andalusia moored and unmoored. Cuadernos de Prehistoria y Arqueología de la Universidad de Granada 28: 93-114. Open Access:

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2018). Inhabiting domestic space: Becoming different in the Early Iron Age western Mediterranean. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 31(1): 79-102.

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2018). Distorted narratives: Morocco, Spain and the cultural heritage of a complicated relationship. Archaeologies, 14(3): 472–500Open Access:

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2016). (De)Orientalising Spain: the ‘Other’ from within. Arkeogazte 6: 75-89. Open Access:

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2015). Borderlands in the making: deterritorialisation in south Iberia (9th-6th centuries BC). Complutum 26(1): 189-203. Open Access:

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2012). Del colonialismo y otros demonios: fenicios en el sur peninsular entre los siglos IX y VII/VI a.C. [On colonialism and other demons. Phoenicians in the South of the Iberian Peninsula between the 9th and 7th/6th centuries B.C.] Complutum 23(2): 147-161. Open Access:

Books ( * =peer-reviewed):

*Marín-Aguilera, B. and S. Hanß eds. (forthcoming, Winter 2021). In-Between Textiles: Weaving Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern World. Pasold Studies in Textile, Dress and Fashion History. Boydell & Brewer.

*Gleba, M., B. Dimova & B. Marín-Aguilera (Winter 2020). Making Cities: Economies of Production and Urbanisation in Mediterranean Europe, 1000-500 BCE. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monographs.

*Gleba, M., S. Harris, J. Cutler, B. Marín-Aguilera & B. Dimova. (Spring 2021). Dressing cities: Textile Economy in Mediterranean Europe, 1000-500 BCE. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monographs.

*Marín-Aguilera, B. & M. Gleba eds. (2020). Interweaving traditions: clothing and textiles in Bronze and Iron Ages Iberia. Saguntum Extra. Valencia. Open Access.

Marín-Aguilera, B. ed. (2018). Repensar el colonialismo. Iberia, de colonia a potencia colonial [Rethinking colonialism. Iberia, from colony to colonial power]. Madrid: JAS.

* Babbi, A.; Bubenheimer-Erhart, F.; Marín-Aguilera, B. and Mühl, S. eds. (2015). The Mediterranean mirror: cultural contacts in the Mediterranean sea between 1200 and 750 BC. Mainz: Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums.

Book chapters ( * =peer-reviewed):

* Marín-Aguilera, B., L. Adán & S. Urbina. (2019). Challenging colonial discourses: the Spanish imperial borderland in Chile (16th-19th centuries). In D. Midgley, J. Mander and C. Beaule (eds.), Transnational perspectives on the Conquest and Colonization of Latin America, pp. 85-98. New York & London: Routledge

* Marín-Aguilera, B. (2016). Food, identity and power entanglements in south Iberia between the 9th-6th centuries BC. In L. Campbell, A. Maldonado, E. Pierce, A. Russell (eds.), Creating material worlds: the uses of identity in Archaeology, pp. 195-214. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

* Babbi, A., F. Bubenheimer-Erhart, B. Marín-Aguilera & S. Mühl. (2015). The Mediterranean mirror. An introduction. In A. Babbi, F. Bubenheimer-Erhart, B. Marín-Aguilera y S. Mühl (eds.), The Mediterranean mirror: cultural contacts in the Mediterranean sea between 1200 and 750 BC. Mainz: Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, pp. 1-20.

Teaching and Supervisions


I currently teach the following BA and MPhil courses:

  • Archaeology: G22 The Socio-Politics of the Past (lecturer)
  • Centre for Latin American Studies (MPhil): Indigeneity in Latin America (convenor and lecturer), and Core Course seminar 'Indigenous Peoples of Latin America' (lecturer).

I have previously taught the following MPhil and Undergraduate modules and papers:

  • Classics: MPhil in Classics seminars ‘Art and Archaeology of Power’ and ‘Culture Contact and Cultural Change’ (co-convenor and lecturer).
  • Archaeology: ‘Archaeological theory and practice,’ ‘European Prehistory,’  ‘Archaeology of Colonialism,’ and ‘Landscape’ for the BA in Archaeology (lecturer).
  • History (MPhil): Spanish palaeography (co-convenor and lecturer).


Research supervision: 

Department of Archaeology: A61 Archaeology of colonialism - Undergraduate students' essays

Centre for Latin American Studies: MPhil essays for the module 'Culture and Indigeneity in Latin America'; MPhil dissertations for the MPhil in Latin American Studies

Other Professional Activities

  • Member of the World Archaeological Congress
  • Member of the European Association of Archaeologists
  • Member of the Society for American Archaeology
  • Member of the Scientific Committe for the Iberian Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG)

Job Titles

Renfrew Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
JRF Churchill College
Teaching Associate, Centre of Latin American Studies

General Info

Available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Socio-Politics of the Past
Built Environment
Archaeological Theory
Cultural Heritage

Contact Details

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
bm499 [at]
01223 (3)39293


Person keywords: 
Historical Archaeology
Material Culture
Archaeological Theory
Frontiers and Borderlands
Migration and Mobility
Material Culture
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Periods of interest: 
Classical - Roman
Iron Age