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Department of Archaeology



My research focusses on utilising isotopic analysis of human skeletal material to help understand palaeodiet, migration and population diversity.

My current research is focussed on medieval Cambridge as part of the ‘After the Plague’ project. This involves isotopic analysis (C, N, O, Sr) of archaeological skeletons excavated from Cambridgeshire in order to understand how diet and mobility changed through time, particularly during the 14th century and after the plague of 1348-50, known as the Black Death.


  • Isotopic analysis
  • Biomolecular Archaeology
  • Palaeopathology
  • Osteoarchaeology
  • Palaeodiet
  • Medieval Archaeology


Key publications: 

Moore, J., Rose, A., Anderson, S., Evans, J., Nowell,G., Gröcke, D., Pashley, V., Kirby, M. and Montgomery, J., 2020. A multi-isotope (C, N, O, Sr, Pb) study of Iron Age and Roman period skeletons from east Edinburgh, Scotland exploring the relationship between decapitation burials and geographical origins. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 29

Penny-Mason, B. J. and Rose, A. 2018. Medieval Odontology, Maturation & The Reformation: An Introduction to Trends in Non-Adult Dental Disease in England, c. 1000-1700. The Mediaeval Journal

Other publications: 

Loe, L., Dean, B., Farber, E., Gibson, M., Rose, A., & Webb, H., 2020. 'The Human Skeletal Remains: Overview of the Osteology and Palaeopathology'. In: Popescu, E (ed.). 2020. Excavations at Stoke Quay, Ipswich. East Anglian Archaeology 172.

Kirby, M., Anderson, S., Bidwell, P., Clarke, A., Cool, H., Cressey, M., Croom, A., Cruikshanks, G., Ellis, C., Evans, J., Gröcke, D., Hartley, K., Hudak, E., Hunter, F., Johnson, M., McLaren, D., Montgomery, J., Moore, J., Nowell, G., Pashley, V., Rose, A., Thoms, J., Tomlin, R., & Wild, F. 2020. Excavations at Musselburgh Primary Health Care Centre. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 89.

Scheib, C.L., Hui, R., D’Atanasio, E., Wohns, A.W., Inskip, S.A., Rose, A., Cessford, C., O’Connell, T.C., Robb, J.E., Evans, C. and Patten, R., 2019. East Anglian Early Neolithic monument burial linked to contemporary Megaliths. Annals of Human Biology, 46(2) pp.145-149.

Robb, J., Inskip, S.A., Cessford, C., Dittmar, J., Kivisild, T., Mitchell, P.D., Mulder, B., O'Connell, T.C., Price, M.E., Rose, A. and Scheib, C., 2019. Osteobiography: The History of the Body as Real Bottom-Line History. Bioarchaeology International, 3(1), pp.16-31.

McIntyre, L. & Rose, A. 'Human Remains'. In: A. Simmonds & S. Lawrence (eds.) 2018. Footprints from the Past. The South-Eastern Extramural Settlement of Roman Alchester and Rural Occupation in its Hinterland: The Archaeology of East West Rail Phase 1. Oxford Archaeology: Oxford Archaeology Monograph 28.

Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

Principal Supervisor: Dr Tamsin O'Connell

Advisor: Dr Susanne Hakenbeck

Collaborators: Prof John Robb, Dr Toomas Kivisild, Dr Jay Stock, Dr Piers Mitchell, Craig Cessford, Dr Jenna Dittmar, Dr Sarah Inskip, Dr Christiana Scheib, Bram Mulder, Wilder Wohns

Other Professional Activities

Member of :

  • British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology (BABAO)
  • Society for Medieval Archaeology (SMA)
  • British Archaeological Association (BAA)
  • Chartered Institute for Field Archaeologists (CIfA)

Job Titles

Research Assistant, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Biomolecular Archaeology

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McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Department of Archaeology
Downing Street


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Science, Technology and Innovation
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