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Affiliated Lecturers

Dr Rachel Ballantyne
  • Research Associate
  • Teaching Associate in Archaeobotany
  • Field Archaeologist in Residence 2018/19 - Member of the Must Farm post-excavation team
01223 333537
Dr Katherine Boyle
  • Research Facilitator
  • Director of Research; Fellow and Director of Studies (Archaeology), Homerton College
01223 339341
Dr Jacob C Dunn
  • Affiliated Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, Cambridge
  • Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology, ARU
  • Affiliated Scholar – McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Dr Mark Dyble
  • Affiliated Lecturer in Biological Anthropology
  • Fellow of Jesus College
+44 (0) 1223 769277
Dr Sheila Kohring
  • Affiliated Lecturer
  • Director of Studies (Part II), Queens' and Clare Colleges
  • Laboratory Manager, Material Culture Laboratory
01223 333527
Dr Piers Mitchell
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Affiliated Lecturer
  • Director of the Ancient Parasites Laboratory
01223 (7)64715
Dr Corinne Roughley
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Director of Studies and Tutor, Hughes Hall
Dr Andrew Turner
  • Senior Curator (Archaeology), Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology