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People working on Two Rains

Principle investigator             Affiliation                                                     Specialism          

Dr CA Petrie                     Archaeology, Cambridge                             Archaeology, GIS        


Co-I                                      Affiliation                                                      Specialism          

Prof. RN Singh              Indian Co-I AIHC & Arch BHU                       Archaeology, Arch.Science


Project team

Dr A Green                        Archaeology, Cambridge                            Settlement Survey, GIS

Dr E Lightfoot                   Archaeology, Cambridge                             Stable Isotope Analysis

Dr H Orengo                     Archaeology, Cambridge                             Remote sensing, GIS

Dr M C Ustunkaya            Archaeology, Cambridge                             Archaeobotany

Ms J Dunstall                    Archaeology, Cambridge                             Research Administrator


Collaborators                         Affiliation                                                     Specialism          

Prof. CAI French                Archaeology, Cambridge                             Geoarchaeology

Dr M Herzog                      Geography, Cambridge                               Climate modelling

Prof. D Hodell                    Earth Science, Cambridge                           Palaeoclimate

Dr T C O’Connell                Archaeology, Cambridge                             Isotopes, palaeoclimate               

Dr M Altaweel                Institute of Archaeology, UCL                     Agent-based modelling

Dr M Bithell                        Geography, Cambridge                               Agent-based modelling

Prof. M Madella              UPF, Barcelona                                            Archaeobotany

Prof. P Joglekar                 Deccan College Pune                                   Bioarchaeology

Dr B Menze                    Technische Universität München                  Remote sensing, GIS

Dr V Pawar                        MD University, Rohtak                                  Archaeology

Mr D I Redhouse                Archaeology, Cambridge                              GIS, Archaeology